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BAI Arte 2014

Luanda 02_14 Respostas ao (Des)envolvimento

It's been more than a decade since BAI has focussed its attention on the artistic phenomena, by promoting several artists through exhibitions. «BAI-Arte» actual edition results from the marriage of Culture to Economy, two factors which interfere and interact mutually.

With the 20th century gone and the 21st century already among us, that coexisting inter-disciplinarity between the different spheres of life is evermore visible.

Thus, our belief is that, in our times, neither Culture can exist without the economic support nor Economy can exist without a cultural support.

If we attain ourselves to Taylor's definition of Culture, we'll come to the conclusion that the economic activity as such is also an act of culture, since men, apart from constituting a biologic entity, are synchronically social and cultural; that is, he creates and recreates his environment both vertically and horizontally.